Phnom Penh Packages

Back to a capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, a charming city that has been developing all industries including golf, Golf became a popular game for high-end tourists from around the world. Now Phnom Penh golf tour packages will guide you to real challenging golf courses in Cambodia besides Siem Reap Golf Tours. They will make you more fun with your team and group.

Golf tour includes day trip in the city and other points of most history sites in Phnom Penh. Furthermore, if you wish to explore other Cambodia destination, then we will include a whatever you want. Choose one of our below golf holiday packages in Phnom Penh to lead more fun, smile when you go back home.

Phnom Penh Golf Tour Package 4 Days

We design this Phnom Penh Golf tour package for golf who are looking for a private playing golf in the charming city of Phnom Penh. Golf in Phnom Penh package is combined two city golf courses in Phnom Penh

Golf In Phnom Penh 5 Days

Golf In Phnom Penh

Beside Golf in Siem Reap, try with elder Premium Golf Courses in Cambodia that located in Phnom Penh and it is still available to book tee off now, Golf in Phnom Penh in the charming golf courses will bring you the wonderful golf package for 5 days

Golf in Phnom Penh Package 4 Days

The Professional golfers may need Golf in Phnom Penh Package for a holiday. The Phnom Penh golf tour designed to bring you to golf the Cambodia luxury golf courses based in Phnom Penh City combine with the popular historical places

Phnom Penh Golf Tour Package 3 Days

Now you can choose golf tour package for Phnom Penh City. This tour package combines city tour and playing golf in the city that we have selected for Royal Cambodia Golf Club for one round play.

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